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Solitary Wiccans

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Created on 2009-04-21 16:03:38 (#111845), last updated 2009-10-31 (415 weeks ago)

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Name:Solitary Wiccans
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A comm for Wiccans, solitary or coven
Although all Wiccans are everyone is welcome (solitary or coven, all trads, etc.), this is specifically aimed at those of us, who by choice or circumstance find ourselves working alone.


1- No flames, no trolls. You will be removed, and your messages deleted. This includes anyone trying to convert others, to any religion, or trad.

2- Be respectful to other members. This means no discrimation, no swearing at them (although swearing is fine), no name calling.

3- Be respectful to other faiths. No bashing.

4- Related communities can be promoted, so long as they are relevant to Wicca, Paganism, etc.

5- Watch your text: don't change text size, keep LOL speak to a minimum, spell check, etc.

6- Don't ask for spells (help with spell work is fine).

7- Please tag your entries for everyone's convience

8- Rules may be added as needed.

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